Water Garden / Small Industrial Pumps Distributor

About JDM Instant Pumps

JDM PUMPS provide a high quality comprehensive choice of small pumps servicing the needs of relevant industries and homeowners. We are distributors of both LITTLE GIANT COMPANY of Oklahoma USA and MESSNER GmBH & Co of Germany. Our expertise (over 30 years) allows for provision of informed advice and customer support with full facilities to service and repair these pumps.

John Parker, Managing Director and CEO.

Before founding Instant Pumps, John was employed by L.R.& N.R. Gedye Pty. Ltd. for 29 years.

John joined Gedye’s to set up the pump service & repair workshop to handle the Little Giant pumps. John traveled to Little Giant’s factory in Oklahoma USA to study the pumps and their design concepts. He has had direct contact with the engineering team at Little Giant and was involved in many product improvement issues over the years.

John moved through the Gedye organization from Service Manager to General Manager, he handled the industrial pump importation and sales. John also helped introduce a second brand of pumps to Gedye’s market, the Messner water gardening pumps from Germany.

John developed the Pump Partner filterbox from the original design concept by Mr. Laurence Gedye. From the original hand made PVC filters to the injection moulded unit being sold today, the Gedye Pump Partner filter is still a much sought-after adjunct to a balanced garden pond.