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EC-OP-K Condensate Pump Kit

EC-OP-K Condensate Pump Kit

The EC-OP is easily mounted below the air conditioner on the right, left or in the middle. The kit takes up less space than other pumps and includes all components necessary for installation.

EC-OP Sales Information
  • International 230V, 50Hz only
  • Condensate pump with cables ready for operation
  • Pump float locked in place for serviceability
  • Use for wall mounted air conditioners up to 10kW
  • Safety alarm ready
  • Fully automatic operation including start, stop and overflow detection
  • No trunking required, but 30 cm of trunking included for optional use
  • Clear reservoir tank
  • Flat rosette ceiling plate
  • Wall cover
  • Wall anchors and screws
  • 8mm inlet tubing with universal adapter
  • 4mm discharge tubing with 6mm adapter
  • Installation guide

Item Number: 553711

Model Number: EC-OP-K

EC-OP Condensate Pump

Item Number: 553701

Model Number: EC-OP