Water Garden / Small Industrial Pumps Distributor

Dual Purpose Pumps

230V 50Hz 3E-12N Series 503038

Little-Giant 3e-12n lg-su503038 pump

Dual purpose oil-filled pump that may be used totally submersed or in-line (fed with pipe or hose).

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Pool Cover Pump

230V 50Hz APCP-1700 Pool Cover Pump LG-SU577303

Little Giant APCP-1700 Pool Cover Pump

Little Giant’s uniquely designed automatic pool cover pump is ideal for removing water from all types of pool covers. The APCP-1700 activates in approximately 50mm of water and deactivates in approximately 30mm of water.

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Level Control Switch

230V RS-5

Little Giant versatile RS-5 Switch

Little Giant’s versatile RS-5 switch is suitable for most situations where control is required over water level. Can also be used to control tank filling or sump draining.

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